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Per FCC Rules, WLFG, WAGV and WLFB are exempt from Closed-Captioning


FCC Applications
Last updated April 1 2021

Living Faith’s television station WLFB, Bluefield, West Virginia, has provided programming over-the-air on channel 40 for many years to viewers in the Bluefield market.  As a result of the FCC’s reassignment of WLFB’s channel to 25, viewers should rescan their over-the-air televisions on and soon after October 19 to continue to receive our programming. (The October 19 date may be delayed as a result of equipment issues, delivery delays, and weather-related problems.  Please check back to this website for any updates.) If you receive our programming from a cable or satellite provider, you should be unaffected by the channel change. For more information, please email Living Faith at or call us at 276-676-3806 (please leave a message if we do not answer the phone).

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